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sábado, agosto 29, 2009

Passion will make you crazy

(but is there any other way to live)*

I used to have a girlfriend known as Elsie
With whom I shared Four sordid rooms in Chelsea
She wasn't what you'd call
A blushing flower.
..As a matter of fact She rented by the hour.
The day she died the neighborscame to snicker:
"Well, thats what comes from to much pills and liquor."
But when I saw her laid out like a Queen
She was the happiest...corpse...I'd ever seen.**
* Howard Hughes
** Cabaret

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Anonymous Anónimo dijo...

absolutamente de acuerdo con todo :)

*If there's another way, I don't want to know it.

"Life is a cabaret, old chum,
come to the Cabaret.

And as for me
I made up my mind back in Chelsea
When I go, I'm going like Elsie.

Start by admitting
from cradle to tomb
isn't that long a stay.

Life is a cabaret, old chum,
only a cabaret, old chum
An I love a Cabaret!"

12:57 p. m.  

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